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Terms and Conditions

A. Interpretation

1. "Members" means members of the Centre whose annual subscription has been fully paid up at the time of making a booking.


B. Registration for the Centre's Events

1. The number of places available for participants is limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. A special allocation of seating is made to the Centre's Members and Members will be afforded priority over non-Members in the registration process.

2. For events that are subject to an admission fee, advance registration may only be made by paying in full the applicable admission fee. For the avoidance of doubt, a request to reserve a place at a conference will only be deemed to have been made as of the date of receipt of the full applicable registration fee by cheque, credit card or of receipt of confirmation that an electronic bank transfer has been made. (The reason for this is to prevent a situation where people who have signalled an interest in attending do not appear on the day, and others who would have wished to attend are turned away).

3. Subject to capacity, advance registrations may be accepted until the day preceding the event. Otherwise, it may be possible to register and pay at the door. However, the Centre recommends early booking to avoid disappointment, (not mentioning potential gaps in your knowledge of EU and European Human Rights law), as well as to facilitate efficient administration and avoid having to queue on the day.

4. It is the Centre's policy to publish a list of participants registered to attend at the Centre's Conferences. While the Centre makes every effort to ensure accuracy, it does not accept liability for errors in the publication of the list. Notwithstanding Clause 3 above, the Centre reserves the right to close the participant list 2 (two) clear working days prior to the event taking place. Individuals who register within 2 clear working days of the event taking place therefore may not be included in the Centre's participant list.


C. Payment

1. For payment by credit card, please pay online.

2. For payment by cheque/ bankdraft / postal order, please make payable to 'Irish Centre for European Law Ltd.' and direct to Irish Centre for European Law, House 39, The Law School, Trinity College, Dublin 2.

3. For payment electronically, please send to Bank of Ireland, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2, a/c no. 92513195, IBAN Code IE20 BOFI 9014 9092 5131 95; BIC Code: BOFIIE2D.

4. Subject to Clause 5 below, prior payment is a condition for participation for events of the Centre that are subject to registration fees. In case of late registration, payment must be made at the registration desk prior to entry to the conference. Payment should be made by cheque or by the provision of your credit card details for future processing. We regret that Centre staff cannot permit entry without payment.

5. Corporate members may, following prior arrangement with the Centre's Administrator, effect payment within 30 days of registration.

6. Benefits extended to the Centre's members, including discounted or free admission to events, are limited to Members who are fully paid up at the time of making the booking.


D. Cancellation of Bookings

1. The Centre will provide a full refund in case of cancellation of a booking made up to 7 (seven) clear working days in advance of the conference. Individuals who cancel with less than 7 clear days notice, or who do not appear on the event on the day, will not be entitled to a refund. Upon request, the Centre will, however, provide such individuals with copies of any materials distributed free of charge.


E. Substitute Attendance

1. In the event that one or more registered delegates are unable to attend a particular event, she or he may nominate another delegate to attend in his or her place. Please notify the administrator. Please note that subsitutions made within 48 hours of the event, may not be reflected in any participant list distributed as part of a conference pack.


F. Variation, Postponement and Cancellation

1. While every effort is made to ensure that conferences run according to the programme advertised, unforeseen difficulties can arise and the Centre reserves the right to rearrange or substitute speakers and vary, postpone or cancel events.In the event that an event is postponed or cancelled, registered participants are entitled to receive a full refund, or may opt for the sum to be credited against future events oroganised by the Centre. The Centre will not be liable for any further damage caused by the cancellation.


G. Acknowledgment of Registration

1. The Centre endeavours to acknowledge registrations received promptly. If, however, you have not received an acknowledgement of your registration one week before the event, please contact the Centre's Administrator at +353-1-896 1845 to ensure that your registration has in fact been received.


H. Miscellaneous

1. Where the event is advertised to include a light lunch this typically means sandwiches; cheeses; pastries; tea & coffee.
2. The Centre’s privacy policy is deemed to be part of these terms and conditions.

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