ICEL Brexit Conference Papers

ICEL & CDPB – Belfast, February 26th

Brian Doherty paper and presentation – The devolution settlement and Brexit

John Temple Lang paper – Implications for Ireland

Clare Archibold presentation – Extradition and cross border criminal co-operation

David Edward presentation – The alternatives to membership of the EU


ICEL Ibec – Dublin, May 5th

John Temple Lang paper – Implications for Ireland

Blanaid Clarke presentation – impact on financial services


ICEL & Law Society of Northern Ireland, Belfast May 6th

Brian Doherty paper – Effects of Brexit on the operation of devolution under the Northern Ireland Act

Laura Gillespie presentation – Practical Implications for Lawyers in a Post-Brexit landscape


ICEL, ISEL and Bar Council, Dublin, May 9th

Derrick Wyatt paper – The post-Brexit relationship between the UK and the EU, and the status of the north/south Irish border

Vincent Power paper and presentation – Brexit, the implications for legal practice

Evanna Fruithof paper – The New Settlement, the impact of Brexit in key policy areas & the perception of the debate in Brussels